How to pick the right size T-Grip™


The small sized T-Grip™ has a comfortable fit in the hand between the ring and middle finger on the lead hand or trail hand for total control over the club face for the average golfer.



The large sized T-Grip™ has the same great feel and benefits as the small but is ideal for golfers looking for even more grip. A golfer with arthritis, tendonitis, missing digits, lack of strength, and other challenges would get a better grip around the handle of the golf club grip with the larger size.

Meet the family behind T-Golfs

My father was born with one arm yet is an avid golfer. He told me about an issue putting on and taking off a golf glove. When it was hot or raining out, he couldn’t hold the club tight enough to prevent it from spinning. I kept thinking of ideas to help find a solution for him.

Meet the family behind T-Golfs

Which led to T-Grip born on a summer night in 2019. The first idea I had was creating something with the shape of a flip flop, which then progressed to the shape of the T-Grip. The rest of that summer, I would spend my nights in the garage making molds, using a microwave to melt rubber and mold it down (heads up: it doesn’t work!) 

After a few weeks of trying to make the grip, it was almost finished. I got it patented, went to a local rubber mold company, and the first prototype was born! Throughout the winter of 2019, I handed out over 200 samples to golfers down in Florida and the feedback was very positive. Best of all, my dad's game was improving and he didn’t spin the club anymore.