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The Original T-Grip™ 

A new type of golf club grip that has been shown to improve your swing and lower your score. 

It’s simple! In addition to the fantastic RAIN-RESISTANT traction between your hand and the club, the T-Grip™ transforms your club's CIRCULAR GRIP into a NON-CIRCULAR GRIP! The non-circular grip provides you with significantly INCREASED CONTROL of the angle of your club. Like the molded handle of a kitchen knife, the T-Grip™ allows you to FEEL when the club is straight! The T-Grip™ gives you the power to manipulate the club to KEEP YOUR SHOTS STRAIGHTER AND LONGER THAN EVER!

It comes with a ball marker that fits into the end of the T-Grip™ so you never lose it.

In your T-Grip™ package you will find:

  • Small: 1 small T-Grip™ and 2 standard ball markers
  • Large: 1 large T-Grip™ and 2 standard ball markers
  • Small + large combo: 1 large and 1 small T-Grip™ and 2 standard ball markers

*colors may vary

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F.A.Q about the T-Grip™


The T-Grip™ is a revolutionary product to provide you the best grip possible during your golf game with or without a glove.

More than 70% of golfers hold the club wrong and don't even know it. Many will try and work on other aspects of their game when it's the way they grip the club. With a T-Grip™ you will learn to hold the club lightly in the hand which gives more face control.

Here at T-Grip™ we have created the only golf aid that allows you to feel the release. You can feel what is happening with your swing and with your club face - open, closed, or square.

How to use the T-Grip™

Step 1 - Put the T-Grip betwen your ring and middle finger.

Step 2 - Place the golf club to line up along the writing "T-Grip" on the grip.

Step 3 - Grip the golf club like you normally would and you will be able to feel what the face of the club is doing with your swing.

Step 4 - When taking a swing, the grip pressure will be consistent throughout the full swing.

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