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T-Owel - Soft microfiber towel with groove cleaner

T-Owel - Soft microfiber towel with groove cleaner

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T-Owel is a small 8-inch square towel with a magnetic belt clip and grove cleaning pad. What makes this different from other golf towels is the grove cleaner pad and the softness of the material. It's soft enough to wipe sweat from your face on a hot day or clean the grooves of your irons and clean the mud off your ball. The magnetic belt clip will keep the towel by your side when you need it. To use the grove cleaning pad, apply a bit of water for best results.
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- Rain resistant

- Storage for a ball marker

- Increased control

- Feel when the club is straight

- Assistant for handicaps


The T-Grip™ is a revolutionary product made out of silicone to provide you the best grip possible during your golf game. It's a replacement for golf gloves, grips (any others?). The ball marker fits into the end of the T-Grip™ so you never loose it.